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Communication skills are an important part of your child's development. They allow your child to express their needs and build relationships. If your child has a speech disorder, it's important to consult with a professional who will determine the issue and help them overcome it. Complete Speech Therapy & Wellness provides one-on-one pediatric speech therapy to assist your child with any disorders they may be battling. It's important to get a proper diagnosis to determine if your child is dealing with a speech disorder, such as:
  • Apraxia
  • Dysarthria
  • Stuttering

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We Aim to Provide Accurate Diagnoses of Speech Disorders

Your child's assessment includes articulation (pronouncing sounds), cognitive abilities and understanding directions, fluency (stuttering), voice (tone, quality, volume), receptive and expressive language skills and social language. Our goal is to determine if your child is dealing with a speech disorder, including:
  • Articulation disorders, which include difficulties producing sounds in syllables or saying words incorrectly so people don't understand what is being said
  • Fluency disorders, which include stuttering and interruptions in the flow of speech
  • Resonance or voice disorders, which include problems with the pitch, volute or quality of the voice

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