Receptive Language Disorders

Speech therapy in Charlotte, NC, Sumter, SC, or the surrounding areas

If your child has difficulty understanding or processing language then it is possible that he or she might have a receptive language disorder. Receptive language disorder in short means that your child is not able to understand the meaning of the words or sentences spoken to them. Every child is different so it is could be hard to tell if your child is exhibiting signs of a receptive language disorder or if they are just delayed for their age.

There are some signs that you as a parent can look out for throughout your child’s growth. These signs include:

  • At 15 months, does not look at people or objects when named
  • At 15 months, does not point at people or objects when named
  • At 24 months, is not able to point to a picture or a part of the body when it is named
  • At 30 months, does not respond out loud
  • At 36 months, does not understand action words

If you think that your child might have a receptive language disorder then schedule an appointment with one of our speech therapists at either our Charlotte, NC or Sumter, SC office. We can carry out an assessment to narrow down specifically what speech disorder your child might be facing. From there our speech therapist will come up with a customize treatment plan.