Expressive Disorders

Speech therapy in Charlotte, NC, Sumter, SC, or the surrounding areas

Does your child have difficulty putting words together? Does he or she have a limited vocabulary for their age? Or does your child struggle with using language in a socially appropriate way? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions then you child might have an expressive language disorder.

We understand that when your child is having trouble communicating that it can be difficult to face. You only want the best for your child and it can be scary if you don’t have a treatment system in place. Our speech therapists in Sumter, SC and Charlotte, NC have experience in treating expressive language disorders from minor to severe.

If your child has been diagnosed with an expressive language disorder by a speech therapist then contact our Sumter, SC or Charlotte, NC office to learn more about your child’s treatment options. If you are unsure whether your child suffers from an expressive language disorder then you can schedule an appointment at either one of our locations for an assessment with one of our speech therapists.

Signs of expressive disorders

There are some key signs of expressive language disorders. We recommend that if these signs are exhibited by your child that you call our Sumter, SC or Charlotte, NC office today to schedule an appointment.

Expressive language issues:

  • Limited vocabulary for their age
  • Frequently uses “um”
  • Has trouble learning new words
  • Leaves out key words
  • Uses certain phrases over and over when talking
  • Does not talk often
  • Can pronounce sounds and words but sentences do not make sense